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Global Visas is an international immigration consultancy firm providing a wide variety of global immigration and visa services. With over 15 years experience in the business and having helped tens of thousands of people immigrate, travel and work around the world, there should be no other company that you could trust your visa with.

We provide a simple, no obligation, online assessment containing the most current international immigration legislation. The assessment calculates whether you meet the basic legislative requirements, and are therefore eligible for the visa you want. Find out now if you qualify by clicking on one of the country-specific links below to find our Online Visa Assessments and one of our advisors will call you back.

This page is a local site for Global Visas Indian clients. For more information visit our main website at GlobalVisas.com and visit our guides on Australian Visas for Immigration Australia, Canadian Visas for Immigration Canada, UK Visas for Immigration UK, and US Visas for Immigration USA.

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Why Global Visas?

Global Visas is a worldwide organisation with a global presence spanning all five continents. As an organisation, our input is respected and sought after and our specialist immigration consultants are registered with visa and immigration authorities across the world. We gather the best advisors today's global economy can offer and many of our consultants have first hand experience as migrants themselves.

To find out what we can do for you, contact one of our immigration consultants, or visit the online assessment area now to get started.

Our Visa Services

We secure short-term visit visas and tourist visas for holidays and business visits. We also obtain work permits, investment visas, and visas for highly skilled migration. We deal with visas for periods of less than a month to applications for permanent residence and citizenship and we assist with family based visa applications for spouse and dependent immigration.

UK Visa

Global Visas provides employment and business visas extended from the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP), Tier 2 work permits and Intra Company Transfers (ICTs). We offer specialist advice for Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Investor visas and can assist young people with Youth Mobility Scheme applications and UK student visas.

The UK immigration Act 2006 means UK Immigration is managed by a Points Based System (PBS), designed at attracting the most suitable canadidates to work in the UK. Global Visas have been involved in this process from the outset and can help you relocate to the UK via the five visa system best suited to your visa application.

Global Visas also secure family based UK visas such as marriage visas, de facto visas and child dependency visas. We assist with applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR) and help people to naturalise as a British citizen.

Australia Visa

At Global Visas, we provide Australian work permits and business visas including the skilled independent visa and investor visa. Australia is a consistently popular destination and our MARA registered immigration experts help thousands of people per year to visit or immigrate to Australia. We offer Australian tourist visas and business visit visas for short term visits; however, we also provide family immigration solutions including the prospective marriage visa, spouse visa and de facto visa.

Canada Visas

Global Visas offer the full range of business visas and family based visas for Canada, including Canadian work permits, and the Federal Skilled Worker visa for skilled migration. We assist with applications for Canadian provincial nominee schemes and we help clients to start a new life in Canada through family sponsorship immigration services. Whether you're taking a holiday in Canada or working your way towards Canadian citizenship, our specialist Canadian immigration lawyers will find the right solution for you.

As a firm specialising in Canadian Immigration we have access to the finest Canadian Immigration lawyers but also work with our own CSIC qualified agents.

US Visa

The United States remains hugely popular as a destination for holidays and people wishing to migrate. The coveted US Green card can be obtained through a US employment visa or through family immigration routes, and our qualified USA immigration experts assist with both. We provide employment based Green cards such as the EB-2 and EB-3 as well as US work permits in the H1-B and L1 categories.

We help with K1 fiance and K3 spouse visas and provide family immigration visas as well as short term visit visas and student visas for the USA.

South African Immigration - Living and Working in South Africa

South Africa's popularity as a destination both for holidays and for immigration continues to grow. At Global Visas, we offer the complete range of South African immigration visas covering investment visas, business visas, work permits, and tourist visas. Our registered and fully qualified South Africa visa specialists assist clients with short term tourist visas and longer term immigration services including the South Africa retirement visa.

New Zealand Visa

The breathtaking scenery put to such good use in the Lord of the Rings trilogy continues to attract a steady stream of people relocating to New Zealand. Once again, Global Visas offer the full range of visas and immigration services available. We obtain skilled immigration visas including the 'Work to Residence' programme and we assist with applications for investment visas, work visas, business visas, and family immigration routes.

You can begin your journey towards a new life in the destination of your choice by contacting Global Visas today. Visit our online assessment area now to begin.

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