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Short Stay Canada Visa

In Canada, short stay tourist visas are issued as single or multiple entry permits with a duration of up to six months. This category of Canada visa allows for tourism, visiting family and friends and conducting a range of business activities although working is not permitted. Canada also offers a transit visa valid for 48 hours designed for applicants who will be transiting through the country en route to another final destination.

Studying in Canada

Although it is permitted to study in Canada whilst in the country on a short term Canadian visit visa, the course of study must not exceed six months. In most cases, those wishing to study in Canada will therefore need to apply for a Canadian study visa. In Canada, study visa applications are granted for the proposed duration of the course and require an offer of a place from a bona fide Canadian educational institution. Students may work in Canada whilst undergoing their course of study, provided that the work takes place on campus.

Working in Canada - Applying for a Canadian Work Permit

Canadian work permits require an applicant to be in possession of a confirmed offer of employment in Canada. Candidates must be sponsored by a Canadian company and the work permit is valid only for the sponsoring employer and for the specific position. Any change of employer of position would require a new Canadian work permit application to be submitted.

Permanent Canadian Immigration Services

Canada Business Visa

Canada offers several permanent immigration services to those who can contribute to the development of the nation and its economy. The Federal Skilled Worker visa and in Quebec, the Quebec Skilled Worker visa both assess candidates on such factors as age, adaptability, work experience and qualifications, and a successful application permits the candidate to live and work in Canada as they see fit. This route bestows permanent residence in Canada upon a successful candidate and after three years of residency, subject to meeting the necessary requirements, a candidate may apply for a grant of Canadian citizenship.

The Canadian Business Immigration Program is made up of three business immigration services for Canada which require a lower points threshold but carefully assess an applicant's business skills and experience and in most case require a minimum net worth. The Canadian Entrepreneur Program is designed for those who wish to move to Canada to buy or assume control of a business and focuses upon their ability to create positions of employment for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The Canadian investor visa requires an applicant to invest a large sum in the Canadian economy and candidates must be able to demonstrate a successful history of operating businesses. Finally the Canadian self-employed visa does not require a candidate to demonstrate a minimum net worth but they must be able to support themselves in Canada and contribute to the cultural or athletic development of Canada, or purchase and manage a farm.

Family Immigration

In addition to the business immigration services available in Canada, foreign nationals may also apply for permanent residence based on their family ties to the country. Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents may sponsor their immediate relatives to work in Canada allowing for spouse immigration and fiance immigration. In all cases applicants will require a sponsor who can agree to support them financially for an agreed period of between 3 and 10 years.

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Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

In addition to the temporary and permanent Canadian visas and immigration services outlined above, many of the Canadian Provinces also offer Provincial Nominee Programs, sometime referred to a Provincial Nomination Programs, which allow skilled migrants to immigrate to a specific Canadian province. A Provincial Nomination Programme application can in many cases be processed more quickly than a Federal Skilled Worker application, however, it should be noted that PNPs oblige the candidate to live and work in the sponsoring province.

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