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USA Non-Immigrant Visas

Non-immigrant visas encompass all USA visa categories for short term visits or business trips to the USA. The group also includes US student visas and US work permits. For those who wish to visit the USA on a temporary basis for the purposes of tourism, the United States will issue a US B2 visa, commonly known as a US travel visa. B2 visas are granted for six months and like their business counterpart the US B-1 visa, they do not permit a candidate to work in the USA.

For those who wish to live and work in the USA, the H1-B visa is a US work permit which requires a job offer to be in place for an application to be submitted, and for those transferring from an overseas branch of an American company the L1 visa provides an Intra Company Transfer route to living and working in the USA.

Permanent Lawful Residence - Applying for a USA Green Card

In America, immigration services for those who wish to relocate to the USA permanently are encompassed by the US Green Card, or as it is officially known, permanent lawful residence in the USA. A Green Card application may be submitted under one of the family visa routes which require a US citizen or permanent resident to act as a sponsor, depending on their relation to the applicant. Those who have obtained a grant of US citizenship may sponsor a broader range of relatives including parents and siblings. However, US permanent residents may also sponsor their spouse, partner, fiance and/or dependent children through the USA K visa category.

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Employment Based Green Cards

An American Green Card can also be obtained through the five tier employment based immigration services. The EB-1 visa for skilled immigration and the EB-2 visa both place emphasis upon the skilled nature of the applicant and are designed for those with "extraordinary" or "exceptional" ability respectively. The EB-3 visa and EB-4 visa allow foreign nationals to migrate to the USA based upon employment opportunities and the EB-5 visa, or US investor visa as it is often known makes provision for permanent residence in the USA based upon a substantial investment. Since applying for a US Green Card in this way is a long process, it is a common practice to enter the USA on a temporary work permit such as a H1-B visa, and H2-B visa or an L1 visa and begin proceedings to apply for permanent residency in the USA from within the country.

The US Green Card Lottery

The United States Green Card lottery also provides a limited amount of people from qualifying countries to immigrate to America. A Global Visas US immigration consultant will be able to advise you whether applicants from your country of residence qualify to apply for a US Green Card in this way.

Studying in the USA

As well as family visa services and work visas for the USA, a range of temporary immigration services are also offered which enable visa nationals, that is those who require an American visa to visit the country, to study in the USA and gain experience of working in the United States. Candidates may visit the US to undergo training on a J1 visa, and the F1 visa and M1 study visa categories allow students to study in America for academic or vocational qualifications.

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