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The US offers short-term visas to those who wish to visit for the purposes of tourism, or to engage in business activities excluding employment. US B2 visit visas, variously referred to as tourist visas and travel visas are non-immigrant visas and will not lead to the opportunity to apply for permanganate lawful residence in the USA. Similarly the B1 business visitor visa, not to be confused with US Work Permits and Employment based Green cards, is a temporary USA visa services which obliges its holder to return to their country of residence upon expiry.

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USA B-1 Visitor for Business Visa

Although, like short-term business visas in many destinations, US B-1 visas do not permit their holders to engage in any form of employment, they are ideal for applicants who need to enter the USA for a variety of other business activities. B1 visas entitle their holders to attend business meetings and conferences, and to undertake fact-finding mission to source potential suppliers and markets. B1 visas also permit holders to travel to the USA to make an investment or to carry out arrangements for opening an American branch of a foreign-based commercial enterprise, such as finding office space and opening bank accounts.

B1 visas may be granted for a maximum duration of one year, although in reality US immigration services grant these temporary visas for a duration according to the stated purpose of the trip.

USA B-2 Visitor for Pleasure Visa

The US B-2 visitor visa is commonly granted for those visiting the United States as tourists although it also covers those entering the country for medical treatment, participating in short courses of study or visiting friends and relatives. The maximum duration for a B2 visa is six months although this may be extended by an additional six months if the candidate can demonstrate that their visit is still intended as a temporary one.


Unlike longer-term US visas and green card applications, no specific requirements are placed upon candidates in terms of qualifications or experience. B1 and B2 visas are specifically intended as short-term visit visas and as such they do not place any such demands upon applicants. However, the USA immigration authorities do place emphasis upon applicants demonstrating that they intend to return to their country of residence on or before the expiry of their United States visa and that they do not intend to give up their current country of residence. This requirement can usually be satisfied by demonstrating that the candidate has family, ties, property ownership and/or employment ties in their county of residence. It will also be necessary for any candidates applying for a US visa in either the B1 or B2 category to demonstrate that they can financially support themselves throughout their stay in the USA.

The US Visa Waiver Pilot Program

Under the USA Visa Waiver Program nationals from a range of countries may visit the United States for a period of up to ninety days. In order to qualify, applicants from participating countries must be in possession or a return or onward ticket to another destination, excluding Canada. At present this programme applies to the majority of European Union states. A Global Visas immigration consultant will be able to advise as to whether your country of residence participates in this programme.

Spouse immigration and Dependent Immigration

Neither the B1 visa or B2 visa are intended as routes to permanent lawful residence in the USA and as both are regarded as temporary visas services, no specific provision is made for the spouse and/or dependent of the applicant to travel to the USA with them. In the case of a B1 visa application, spouse and dependents cannot obtain a B1 visa to accompany the main applicant although they may be able to get a B2 visa to do so. For B2 applications any such dependents who with to accompany the principle holder will be required to obtain their own US entry clearance.

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B1 in lieu of H1-B Visa

In some circumstances, a B1 business visitor visa may be granted in lieu of an H1-B visa. The US H1-B visa, which is essentially a long-term work permit for skilled migration to the USA id granted to applicants with exceptional ability in their field and is often the preferred route to permanent residency, allowing candidates to begin Green Card proceedings whilst in the country. The in lieu arrangement may occur where the work being carried out would normally require an H1-B visa, but the applicant's salary is paid by a non-US source, hence the non-employment rule of a B1 visa is not breached. However, the arrangement may only be initiated where, like an H1-B visa, the work is in a speciality "occupation", the candidate is permanently employed by and paid by a non-USA company and the candidate is sufficiently qualified to undertake the work.

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